Chinese Tourist Welcome training in Budapest

All representatives of travel& retail industry are welcome to register to the first Hungarian Chinese Tourist Welcome training, which will be held in Budapest on February 19th 2018.


The Chinese Tourist Welcome Training Programme offers deep insights into the characteristics, expectations, motivations and needs of Chinese travellers, enabling tourism service providers to deliver high quality the Chinese way. The CTW training consists of an introduction and 4 main modules:

Module 0                           Introduction

Module 1                           Background – Chinese Travellers Abroad

Module 2                           Chinese Tourists’ Motivations, Needs and Behaviour of Chinese Visitors

Module 3                           Language, Service and Ambience

Module 4                           Product Adaptation and Marketing

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Each main Module last 90 minutes:

45 min. PowerPoint based presentation

10 min. of questions and answers about lecture content

20 min. group activities connected to the content of the module

15 min. discussion of group activities results


More details and sign-up form here 


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